Embodied Resilience is a practice sometimes described as a meditation in motion.  It is based on slow rhythmic movements, linked to the free flow of your breath.  Guided by sensitivity to sensation the soft rhythmic movements cultivate pathways of integrity and love     

Dynamic Yoga explores and deepens the relationship between the physical body, mind and spirit.   You will learn how to activate your body safely and with integrity through a broad range of postures.

Regardless of age, experience, flexibility or strength Dynamic Yoga or Embodied Resilience have something to offer you. The body itself is already supremely intelligent; these practices simply allow you to access this intelligence. These pathways become the foundation, upon which your body acts and moves in your daily life.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from real life students about their experience of Dynamic Yoga.


Is to provide a warm, welcoming, peaceful and safe space. A space where you can be yourself, and explore the connection between your body, mind and spirit. A place where you can cultivate pathways of integrity and love.