I had never heard of “Dynamic (Somatic) Yoga” before I joined Colette’s class. In the past I had tried different types of Yoga as I felt “stretching” was important but I had never really thought about what I was doing. I used to pound my body at the gym with heavy weights and then try and force my body into different yoga poses at the various Yoga classes I attended ending up seeing an osteopath to put it all right!

With Colette’s teaching I learnt to become totally in the moment on the mat, feeling my muscles lengthening and broadening which at first seemed impossible. I started to feel my body becoming more relaxed and stronger too.

Colette has a wonderful ability to help you get the best out of  Somatic Yoga and I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to join a class with Colette to grab it…..unfortunately I would have to move to Australia now!


I’d never practiced yoga before I went to Colette’s class. A friend recommended Colette’s class to me because the class sizes are small and students get individual attention. Naturally I felt quite nervous when I turned up to my first class. On the first day Colette invited me to arrive early. She immediately helped me to feel at ease.

Colette teaches with integrity. Her teaching is clear so it’s easy to understand. Her classes are varied and well structured so I feel I’ve been on a continual learning curve with a little something new each week. The benefits to me have been surprising including improved confidence, increased flexibility and a greater understanding of my connection to my body. Starting yoga has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It just goes to show it’s never too late.


I attended Colette’s yoga class with a small group of friends. We all had physical limitations including chronic back, knee and hip problems. Colette invested her time to tailor a chair yoga class suitable for our needs. She is a true professional. Her attention to detail and her ability to see each individual’s problem required thinking outside the box. We always felt we were practicing yoga safely and within our capacity. Colette is so passionate about her work and it was fun to attend her class. Colette is such an asset to the Yoga World, I just wish she still resided in Jersey, we miss her.


I attended Colette’s yoga classes at a difficult time in my life. I found Colette to be patient, friendly and a very experienced teacher. Her teaching vocabulary is clear, precise and easy to understand. Every class was structured and varied. Her classes took me on a journey from simple to more challenging postures all within my capacity. I enjoyed every moment of Colette’s classes. I’ve never felt so calm, focused and relaxed. To all you men out there who think yoga is for women, I encourage you to give yoga a go. It is more challenging than you think and you may find it positively impacts many areas in your life.


I am a keen golfer and often suffer from a sore lower back and stiff neck. I went to see Colette for some private yoga tuition hoping it might help me. Colette tailored a personalised program and I’m thrilled to say it assisted me tremendously. I now enjoy playing golf pain free and attend yoga classes on a regular basis. I thoroughly recommend Colette as a caring and knowledgeable yoga teacher.


Having played a wide variety of sports for over 50 years I now (at 70!!!) find myself with a chronically bad back and two hip replacements which, when combined, make many exercise workouts difficult if not impossible.

When confronted by this situation Colette offered to create a seated yoga programme for myself and some friends suffering from similar problems and this formula proved both invaluable and highly successful.

Since she left Jersey last year I have continued her yoga programme several times a week in my home gym and have found it highly beneficial.

Colin Campbell
1968,1972 & 1976 Olympian


Colette is a very methodological tutor. She leads a calm, mindful practice that helps you concentrate on accuracy of movement not speed or strength of same.

Her lovely voice soothes and calms, making you feel as if you are being enveloped in a cosy blanket.  The practice leaves you feeling in touch and reinvigorated and ready for what life throws at you.


I highly recommend Colette as a Somatic Yoga Teacher. Colette is very knowledgeable about the discipline and communicates the various poses in and clear and straightforward way so that even a complete novice will understand. In this busy world her classes were a welcome oasis of calm and self-nurturing.

When I began classes (I am in my 60’s) I was a beginner and am now capable of poses that I would not have achieved without her care and help. Colette has taught me to feel, listen, breathe and work with my body with softness. She has encouraged me to move gently within my capacity and that no-one’s practice and abilities are the same.


I started  Yoga with Colette 2 years ago having done various types of yoga on and off for 30 years. I found it very effective and safe compared to other types of yoga, very important to me particularly as I get older.

It has made me mindful of the way my joints and muscles can be positioned during my everyday life to remain injury free.