Colette Oram Senior Teacher at Yoga House Oz is dedicated to practising and teaching Dynamic Yoga.


Hi, I’m Colette Oram owner of Yoga House Oz located at Peregian Springs on the Sunshine Coast. 

My first experience of yoga was when I attended a beginner’s class some 20 years ago.  Yoga immediately resonated with me.  I went on to train as a Hatha Yoga Teacher in Adelaide and eventually left a corporate role to begin teaching. 

Over time I felt there was still something missing in my teaching and yoga practice. In 2010 I moved to the small island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.   In Jersey, I was introduced to Dynamic Yoga and immediately realised that I had found the missing link.  I began to incorporate Dynamic Yoga into my personal practice and Yoga teaching.

 After many hours of training with Yoga Adepts Godfri Devereux and Olivia Crooks I became a Certified Dynamic Yoga Teacher.  I am one of only 12 Teachers world wide to have reached Senior Teacher status in Dynamic Yoga.

Dynamic Yoga resonated with me as its a style that can be taught simultaneously to beginners and experienced practitioners  wanting to deepen their practice .

The wonderful experience I’ve enjoyed whilst practicing  Dynamic Yoga is the letting go of the idea about what I should be doing and allowing myself to feel deeply what is actually happening in my body.  There is no better gift I could give myself or my students .